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Community Veterinary Partners

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Community Veterinary Partners co-owns and manages veterinary hospitals. CVP partners with owner veterinarians who lead the clinical teams. CVP manages key business task, provides marketing programs and drives strategic leadership to support hospital growth.

    • Founded by MDM in 2009.
    • Hospitals in five states along the East Coast.
    • MDM leadership positions in operations, finance, business development.

    Calico Financial

    Calico Financial offers veterinarians loan financing, management experience and operating resources to help them create a more successful and secure future.

    • Founded by MDM in 2014
    • Construction, start-up, acquisition and loan refinacing 
    • MDM leadership positions in operations, finance, business development

    Calico Real Estate

    Calico RealEstate.jpg

    Calico Real Estate buys real estate from veterinarians and then leases the building back. The company also finances new construction and rehabs.

    • Founded by MDM in 2012
    • Dedicated sale-leaseback real estate fund
    • MDM leadership positions in finance and business development

    Philadelphia Urgent Care Management  

    Philadelphia Urgent Care Management operates human urgent care facilities in Philadelphia. MDM recruited senior industry leadership and led the initial capitalization, which was used to acquire the operating platform and fund future growth.

    • Founded by MDM in 2016
    • Growth equity investment
    • MDM board-level roll

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