We founded MDM to create a different type of investment capital.

The three of us met while working for an investment company in the Philadelphia suburbs. Each from different backgrounds -- software startup CEO, non-profit founder, investment banker -- our common desire was to invest-in and create companies in industries that we understood and about which we were excited.

We believed that we could offer more than investment capital -- that we could bring certain business skills that could help our partners grow more quickly and operate more efficiently.

Our first steps took us to the animal health industry. Community Veterinary Partners was our first start-up, a family of independent veterinary hospitals that we co-own and c0-operate with our vet business partners. Calico Real Estate and Calico Financial followed, each providing needed financial services to the animal health industry.

We remain committed and excited about animal health and will continue to invest and start businesses there. And that's not all we're excited about -- healthcare, business services, real estate.

If you're interested in working with us, please drop us an email: contact@mdmep.com.

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